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I see you were serious about Joining Our Community. We received your “confirmation” or you would never have arrived on this page. As you will note above, it is strictly “Private” (not shown on any menu)! We thank you for joining us! On these pages you will find reviews written by staff and members alike on products and/or services you use everyday. We’re sure this will assist you in making informed buying decisions, whether purchasing items for the first time or replacing worn-out merchandise. Feel free to post your own reviews at any time, they will be most welcome. As new posts are made by staff or members we categorize them so they can be easily found using our menus at the top of our site. Should the category list get to large, we will move it to a sidebar. This method saves member’s time insuring they do not have to search through a host of posts to find information relevant to them. It also allows them to speak with like-minded individuals and gain insights from peers having specific knowledge on a subject. Of course, you will be free to view any of the categories you desire at any time and we hope you will enjoy your time with other community members. Now, to that free gift we promised; (but first note the absence of advertisements as also promised).

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Please enjoy your time on our site. Come back and visit often and don’t be afraid to get involved. Write a review or two or more! Anything you think would be of value to other members is fine. Special discounted merchandise you’ve come across or a special sale or coupon items you’ve located being offered by on-line or off-line merchants. Our members will thank you for your input.

A word of caution: unlike many other websites, we have no hard or fast rules, but please keep posts in good taste! All new posts and comments are monitored daily and vetted by staff before they are actually put on-line. This practice sometimes creates a slight delay before they are actually visible to other members. However, once you have posted or commented ten (10) times we trust you will have gotten the gist of what is or isn’t acceptable and further posts or comments are placed immediately.

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